vt driver

  1. S

    Console on system with two displays

    Hello, I have a machine with 2 displays. When X session is not yet started, one of the displays remains inactive while the other shows a console. I use FreeBSD 10.3 with UEFI loader and vt console driver. It is smart enough to autodetect the display's native resolution (a line from dmesg)...
  2. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    X coexisting with 80x25 virtual consoles

    On 10.2-RELEASE, I quickly discovered that if I bring up X and want to go to a virtual console by pressing, say <Alt><F2>, I need to place into /boot/loader.conf: kern.vty=vtI discovered an unpleasant side effect, though. When I go from X to a virtual console, I don't get the old-fashioned...