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    VS Code (code-oss) + GitHub Copilot

    I think sharing this is helpful for somebody in this community. I could manage to use GitHub Copilot with FreeBSD's VS Code (code-oss) and it seems to be running OK so far. It took a few days to completely make it run, and I could reproduce it with my another desktop today. I assume you are...
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    Is VS Code supported on 13.2 release?

    Hello. I am new to non windows OS. I want to learn and use FreeBSD. I searched this forum thread for VS Code and I think there were problems with it in past. Does it work now? Should I install it with "pkg install vscode" like https://www.freshports.org/editors/vscode/ says? What should be my...
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    Code - OSS on Freebsd 13.2 - unable to connect to terminal

    Code - OSS on Freebsd 13.2 - unable to connect to terminal. Gives the following popup. "The connection to the terminal's pty host process is unresponsive, the terminals may stop working." -- Restart pty host. Changed the shell to bash. Tried killing the pty process, still issue persists.