1. qiu3344

    Volume Per Channel (VPC)

    Hello, can someone explain to me how to use the VPC feature of the operating system? I noticed it some time ago in the sound man page, but I didn't find any resources on how to actually use it for per application volume control. It does not seem like it's possible with the default mixer utility...
  2. arenoir

    Multiple public network interfaces not accessable on Amazon EC2/VPC

    Is it possible to have a Amazon EC2 instance attach to multiple VPC interfaces? I currently have 3 VPC interfaces with public ip address attached to a FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE instance. The configuration looks good and appears to be quite flexible. However I can only ping the public address of the...
  3. big_girl

    Solved Securing connections inside AWS VPC

    I have a question about securing connections from FreeBSD dataservers to an Ubuntu webserver inside the AWS VPC. One FreeBSD instance shares folders via NFSv4 and the other FreeBSD instance hosts a PostgreSQL database. These folders and database connection are shared with the Ubuntu webserver...