1. B

    linphone autostarting

    Hi forum FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE-p3, with KDE Using pkg, I've installed linphone to do some telephony testing. Happy to use linphone as I've used it previously on other devices. Now, whenever I login to KDE (aka plasma), the linphone app is automagically started. I don't want this to happen. I...
  2. RevennaFox

    PBX Server Guru Help Needed

    I guess I should probably start by explaining what I'm trying to do. I have a pair of Grandstream HandyTone analog telephone adapters that I need to work with incoming and outgoing calls to a SIP trunking provider over Asterisk running on a remote FreeBSD server. The ATAs are behind NAT, the...
  3. sidetone

    Opensource communication frameworks: XMPP, SIP, AMQP, MQTT, CAP, IAX

    An opensource framework allows interoperable and inter-organizational use between different offerings (or servers). Signal can't be compared in this category, because it is simply an opensource client offered by one provider or organization, and not a standard for interoperable use: it can be...
  4. mickey

    Any working SIP softphone for FreeBSD?

    I am looking for a working, lightweight SIP softphone client that runs on FreeBSD. Right now I am using net/linphone which works but has some audio buffer problems and I don't like the UI one bit. I also tried net-im/ekiga which I had been using on Windows many years ago, but it fails to detect...
  5. sidetone

    How is SIP/SIMPLE for an XMPP alternative?

    How is SIMPLE for an XMPP messaging alternative? Both are accepted IETF open-source standards. XMPP is great, except it has a lot of overhead (sometimes heavy lag) because it uses XML. Is SIMPLE as secure as XMPP?
  6. J

    PF VOIP phone IPsec and pf+NAT

    Hello forum. This is a bit of a long shot and I don't have much useful diagnostic information to provide, but I'm otherwise running out of ideas. At home, I have replaced my ISP-supplied VDSL router with a bridging modem and a FreeBSD host running pf. I have a very simple ruleset which NATs...
  7. TzunTzai

    How To: Install a Matrix.org Home Server (net/py-matrix-synapse)

    References & Links: Matrix.org http://matrix.org "Matrix is an open standard for interoperable, decentralised, real-time communication over IP. It can be used to power Instant Messaging, VoIP/WebRTC signalling, Internet of Things communication - or anywhere you need a standard HTTP API for...
  8. Norbert Szczybelski

    Asterisk VoIP Server over OpenVPN in Tor Hidden Service.

    Good Evening. Generate encryption keys with OpenSSL. OpenVPN server openvpn.conf configuration file: mode server tls-server dev tun proto tcp-server port 1194 server ca /vpn/ca.crt cert /vpn/server.crt key /vpn/server.key dh /vpn/dh2048.pem tls-crypt /vpn/ta.key cipher...
  9. H

    Video chat

    Which application do you advise for video chat?
  10. fred974

    Solved VoIP telephony advice

    Hello everyone, I have been asked to start looking into creating a VoIP server to save our company money. My experience using VoIP is reduced to Skype. So I do not have a good starting point here. I wonder if anyone could tell me what sort of things I need to get this project off the ground...
  11. A

    Solved [Solved] IPFW + kernel NAT (allow incoming UDP)

    Hi, Sorry my english language de0 - WAN interface I have a gateway on FreeBSD (FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE) gateway_enable="YES" ... firewall_enable="YES" firewall_nat_enable="YES" firewall_nat_interface="de0" firewall_type="/etc/rc.firewall" firewall_logging="YES" net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass: 1...
  12. R

    FreeBSD, FreeSWITCH, zrtp

    Hi all There is an error when compile FreeSWITCH from git on FreeBSD with configure --enable-zrtp freeswitch-src/libs/libzrtp/include/zrtp_config.h:54:6: error: #error "Libzrtp can't detect software platform: use manual setup in zrtp_config_user.h" It is possible, if you manually #define...
  13. R

    Google Voice Plugin

    Hi, I am getting pretty interested in all this FreeBSD propaganda and think I will try it on my laptop instead of Linux for a while (the major pull is ZFS). Looks like FreeBSD port system has all the software I typically use but alas one super important one (for me at least) is missing: Google...
  14. T

    Microsoft skype

  15. qsecofr

    peer to peer audio/video conferencing advice

    Hi, I'd like to ask for some qualitative advice on audio/video conferencing. I haven't really found a good simple comparison of the alphabet soup of standards. One endpoint will be Windows. My endpoint could be Windows or FreeBSD-8.1. Yahoo Messenger immediately comes to mind as being...
  16. H


    Qutecom is a very fine VoIP client running on Windows/Mac/Linux already. It’s the official successor of Wengophone. Has anyone gotten around to trying to port it already? Unfortunately, I don’t know enough of C++ to do it myself. :/
  17. A

    Compiling chan_mobile for asterisk16

    I am trying to get chan_mobile.so working with asterisk16. What I did... cd /usr/ports/net/asterisk16-addons/ && make install but chan_mobile.so wasn't compiled, I could see the source file in work/asterisk-addons- Any ideas how to compile it? Any help would be...