vnet jails

  1. markmcb

    PCI Passthrough of VFs Crash Host Card if Jails + Bhyve in Use

    I've been dealing with an issue for about 6 months now. Curious if anyone has ideas how to expand troubleshooting. Summary of issue: Use any SR-IOV capable network card on a Supermicro motherboard Enable SR-IOV Create only vnet jails using SR-IOV VFs: works great Create only bhyve VMs using...
  2. F

    bhyve VNET interconnect vm-bhyve + jails

    Hello Unfortunately, due to a lack of suitable real hardware at the moment, I can't try it out myself or experiment, and so far I haven't found the necessary information to answer the following question: I want to set up a FreeBSD 14 host running various containers and virtual machines. I...
  3. subnetspider

    Solved VNET jails very slow inbound networking after upgrading host to 14.0-RELEASE

    Hello everyone, after upgrading my jail host from 13.2-RELEASE-p5 to 14.0-RELEASE, I noticed that the services hosted on it became very slow and unresponsive. This is most noticeable with my Plex and Nextcloud servers, which are either painfully slow or completely unusable. After some...
  4. M

    jails Is it possible to set up VNET for multiple jails within a single NIC host?

    I have the following setup, my workstation contains a single NIC and it has its own IP assigned within the LAN /24 segment. I have created a thick container and enabled vnet. I do so with the following .conf file (as per the current handbook): client { # STARTUP/LOGGING...
  5. GoNeFast_01

    Solved Running Jails inside Bhyve

    There is some writing about running Bhyve within a Jail (testing the opposite). Can you run jails within a Bhyve freebsd instances? I assume yes so, so I spend a few hours messing with a Bhyve FreeBSD I have for testing purposes... Installed a few jails in it and while I can make them...