1. seanc@

    Solved FreeBSD 11 NAT hanging under VMware Fusion...

    This is a PSA to save future travelers some angst. Specifically, TCP connections would stall randomly after transferring a modest amount of data (i.e. >5MB xfer per TCP stream). As mentioned in my Discussion post to the VMware Fusion Forums, after much consternation, hand-wringing, and...
  2. Dmitry D

    FreeBSD 10.3 vm with ESXi 5.5 host - internal vmxnet3 or VmwareTools vmx3f0 adapter?

    Hello! Which implementation of vmxnet3 adapter is better to use on FreeBSD 10.3 VM on ESXi 5.5 host? Internal FreeBSD vmx driver or vmx3f0 adapter from vmware-tools? Thank you. Best Regards, Dmitry.