1. T

    Solved open-vm-tools-11.3.5,2 - missing file seq.h

    When compiling open-vm-tools-11.3.5,2: In file included from vfsops.c:53: In file included from /usr/src/sys/sys/namei.h:39: /usr/src/sys/sys/filedesc.h:43:10: fatal error: 'sys/seq.h' file not found #include <sys/seq.h> ^~~~~~~~~~~ 1 error generated. FreeBSD 13.0-RFELEASE p4 Any...
  2. L

    Any success getting shared folders on VMware with 12.x guest and open-vm-tools?

    Just wondered if anybody has had any success getting shared folders to work using VMware (Fusion or Player) and open-vm-tools on a FreeBSD 12.x Guest OS. I do remember reading somewhere on VMware's site that it doesn't work, but I can't find that anymore, and they've updated the software since...
  3. andrewm659

    compat-amd packages

    Just wondering, is there a benefit to continue to use compat6x-amd package or should I use an upgraded version, like compat7x or 8x? Is there an advantage or disadvantage? I mostly install this package when using vmware.
  4. Dmitry D

    FreeBSD 10.3 vm with ESXi 5.5 host - internal vmxnet3 or VmwareTools vmx3f0 adapter?

    Hello! Which implementation of vmxnet3 adapter is better to use on FreeBSD 10.3 VM on ESXi 5.5 host? Internal FreeBSD vmx driver or vmx3f0 adapter from vmware-tools? Thank you. Best Regards, Dmitry.