1. K

    bhyve Problem starting a machine with cbsd

    hello, I already have a virtualized machine with a cbsd. I want to move this virtual machine to freebsd installed on proxmox. I transfer the .img file to my freebsd machine in proxmox with the cbsd bexport and cbsd bimport commands. However, when I run the virtual machine I transferred, the...
  2. T

    Solved vm-bhyve: help needed for network-configuration

    Aloha, i'm currently try to work with sysutils/vm-bhyve which seems to be great and fit my needs. But since i'm lacking a better understanding of networking, i just can get it to run. My aim is: - have a number of vms - assign each vm a unique IPv4 and IPv6 address Every IP should is visible...
  3. peterchris

    vm-bhyve network troubleshooting

    I've just started using vm-bhyve, and none of vm's have network connectivity. Here's what everything looks like, following the simple example in the vm-bhyve wiki to install a FreeBSD guest with default settings: [peter@orca] /vms/.config# vm switch list NAME TYPE IDENT...