1. usernamekiran

    Virus/malware attacked Windows 10 pro, and possibly FreeBSD as well

    Hello. I am kind of a security/privacy conscious person. On my desktop, I have FreeBSD and Windows 10 pro. Yesterday, my FreeBSD setup was acting up, but I didn't think much about it. Whenever I was trying to access password vault/manager from firefox, I was getting error "something went wrong...
  2. First_Law_of_Unix

    FreeBSD 13.1 is hacked, shutdowns instantly.

    Hello, I'm using an online web app called PenPot to make websites. Using it on Chromium. When I zoom into the components in PenPot, FreeBSD instantly shuts down. Really weird. My FreeBSD is hacked and this is common. There are group of people gangstalking me and hacking into my devices. No...
  3. A

    Solved How FreeBSD Forums prevented me from KMS

    3.15 inch OneHalf and the tale of long-tailed !ant¡-Virus distribution Many years ago, after I got bitten by OneHalf, I've developed some kind of backup procedure. It wasn't perfect at the time, but it was working and got better over several years. I don't consume antivirus, and I disable...
  4. P15C15

    How much is secure FreeBSD?

    A time ago, I read about two malware, or some alike, I don't remember well. Well, these defects in the processors could be used for a hacker to get info which is storaged in the system. My question is: how much trusted can I be of FreeBSD? It is possible that someone try to use this malwares to...
  5. B

    Auto installation of a web browser without permission

    I have afraid of got a virus or so. I have two web browsers: firefox and konqueror. I don't know why the hell, when I tried to launch konqueror, it shows me a message that I can't run Chromium as root. I never installed chromium. I never uninstalled Konqueror. When I try to reinstall konqueror...
  6. B

    Virus & Security

    I write this with the objective of talk about security and viruses in FreeBSD. Once i read in a page about this OS the steps for installing an antivirus. Since that i started to think: how much security this system have? But, if we consider that this system could be configurable to be more...