virtualization bridge

  1. N

    VLAN trunk bridging with bhyve / tap and unexpected frame forwarding

    Hi all I've recently got into FreeBSD and use it as fileserver with zfs and hypervisor (bhyve) for nearly all my stuff. I had to physically move the system which spawned the need to change my network configuration to the following. Cisco switch with 10G interface -> (ix0)* FreeBSD box (re0)* ->...
  2. M

    jails Is it possible to set up VNET for multiple jails within a single NIC host?

    I have the following setup, my workstation contains a single NIC and it has its own IP assigned within the LAN /24 segment. I have created a thick container and enabled vnet. I do so with the following .conf file (as per the current handbook): client { # STARTUP/LOGGING...
  3. vanbreukelingen

    kernel panic on bhyve virtualization

    At the link you can find a fotograph of the kernel crash, it could not even been dumped or a continue; a restart helped, but after 10 minutes the same story. I guess its virbr0-interface when you disable option HYPERV in kernel configuration. to make a long story short: rvc_start < rvc_end...