virtualbox guest usb

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    vbox virtualbox-ose 6.1.36 and windows 10 guest: can't access USB devices

    I am having what seems to be exactly the same problem as described in Virtualbox and USB device. In my case I have virtualbox-ose 6.1.36 on FreeBSD 13.1, with a Windows 10 guest in the VM. The problem (symptoms) with USB is exactly as described by grahamperrin@ in his July 10 post in the above...
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    Virtualbox on FreeBSD 12.1 kde5 host does not see usb thumbnails and/or printer

    I have a FreeBSD 12.1 KDE5 Desktop which also runs a Windows 10 VM running in VirtualBox. Now I need to create a Windows 10 usb install stick to able to install Windows 10 on another computer. It seems that this can only be done with a Windows computer (it did not work with dd if=windows.iso...