virtualbox extension pack

  1. J

    vbox vbox shared folder content unstable, wrong subdir content depending on order of access

    FreeBSD 13.2 virtualbox guest: If the host's root directory is mounted as a shared folder, the contents are randomly there or not there. Not actually random, but it depends on the order of access. It seems like a subdir path can not be used (successfully) unless the parent directories are...
  2. dinsdale

    virtualbox-ose-additions For Virtualbox 6.1

    Hi, I can't seem to find VBox guest extensions for 6.1 for running a FreeBSD VM? I started with pkg, then checked freshports and finally pulled in the ports tree via svn. Nada. The latest is 5.2? Thanks, Dinsdale
  3. graemeg

    VirtualBox with USB2 and USB3 support

    Ever since I switched to FreeBSD I noticed that Oracle doesn't support FreeBSD when it comes to the VirtualBox Extension Pack. I'm not a C/C++ developer, but was wondering... Can one develop an open source virtualbox extension pack - or is that only something Oracle can do? The reason I'm asking...