1. M

    Multiple bhyve VMs

    Hi, When having multiple virtual machines run by bhyve, how does VirtIO works? Do you have a single backend (PCI device) that communicates with all frontends (driver)? I am implementing a custom VirtIO device/driver pair and I am unsure how to handle this case correctly. I couldn't find any...
  2. L

    Virtio vga

    Hello, I am new to FreeBSD and am trying to get it set up as a guest in qemu. Until now the only vga device that works for me in Xorg is vmware-svga. This vga device has some shortcomings compared to virtio vga. I would like to know if it is possible to get virtio vga to work in FreeBSD? I am...
  3. DutchYogi

    FreeBSD as KVM guest drops network connection vtnet once a day

    I have knowledge since FreeBSD since 5.x, mostly on bare metal, but also with virtualized FreeBSD guests (on my own hardware). Managed to fix almost all problems, but this one is driving me mad. Now, I have a FreeBSD guest 12.1-p3 with two jails. The host is with an external VPS-company and...
  4. Tsuroerusu

    Installing FreeBSD under KVM with VirtIO

    This is a public "note to self" that I hope will be useful to somebody out there. This evening I wanted to install FreeBSD in a VM under KVM on a Linux VM-host. Also, when I install FreeBSD with ZFS (Read: Always), I like to partition and setup the disks by hand via the "Shell" option in the...
  5. aragats

    bhyve: migrate Windows 7 from physical to virtual?

    Does anybody have experience with this? If I have a physical disk with Windows 7 installed, can I just use its device node for bhyve? I understand that I'll need to install virtio-net drivers in Windows. What else? The generic VGA adapter doesn't need a driver. Windows may not like the hardware...