1. Relricey

    general/other How do I install FreeBSD in Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) properly?

    Hi. I recently made a similar poll here: I also want to try virt-manager on Debian 11 to have a working version of FreeBSD. Thanks.
  2. D

    bhyve Getting virt-manager to use bhyve

    I'd like to use Bhyve from virt-manager since its supposed to support Bhyve, but when I open it I'm greeted with the following: Could not detect a default hypervisor. Make sure the appropriate QEMU/KVM virtualization packages are installed to manage virtualization on this host. I can also try...
  3. F

    qemu FreeBSD 13.0 guest in Linux with qemu/KVM hangs on poweroff

    I used virt-manager to make a FreeBSD VM inside Arch Linux. It used the i440FX chipset and BIOS (not UEFI). I gave it one processor and 2GB of RAM which is above the minimum requirements. Other than that, I used the default settings that virt-manager uses for FreeBSD machines. Booting worked...
  4. G

    How to configure Xorg with qxl-driver/xspice on kvm + virt-manager

    Hello everyone, I am newbie and interested in FreeBSD(11.1), so I decided to try it out on a virtual machine (kvm). The install was simple, but I seem to have hit a wall trying to install and configure Xorg. As per the handbook (and other sources), I installed Xorg using ports. cd...
  5. P

    virt-manager on FreeBSD as bhyve backend

    Hi. I've try to find anything on FreeBSD to run virtual machines. Looks like XEN is not ready (my system is reboot on booting kernel with xen). After some hours in google i successfully run bhyve with FreeBSD guest. But I would also like to get Linux in bhyve. And i do not understand how to...