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    VNET ARP replies are lost

    My setup is as follows: freenas ---- switch ---- station freenas is running FreeBSD 11.2 with iocage jail using VNET/VIMAGE network stack (though same behaviour is observed on warden jails and previous FreeBSD releases) It all started when I noticed that station loses connection to jail...
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    Helping to improve vnet/vimage?

    Hi Network Guru's- I've been running 11-Release branch since 11 was well.... released. I think I'm on 11-RELEASE-p2. I compiled my own kernel to enable vimage and use iocage for jails. I am not using pf or doing anything "exotic" with networking (this is behind a separate firewall). So far...
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    Solved Host to jail networking with vimage

    I've got a bridge1 with several jails' interfaces as members (vnet1:1, vnet1:2, etc) these can pass packets between each other. There's a bhyve instance on the host using tap0 which I've added to bridge1, this tunnel is not able to connect to any of the jail vnet interfaces. Is this to be...