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    Is it good idea to make FreeBSD videos on YouTube

    I just opened a YouTube channel and started to making videos about Linux. Well I only got 2-4 views for videos haha. So my question is can FreeBSD community watches and makes comments to videos? Like I watched some videos that people were seting up zfs, partitions, desktop envoirements etc. so...
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    Sendfile(2) FreeBSD Netflix

    Hi, Hopes everybody is doing great here. My question was related to newly developed Sendfile(2) by Netflix specifically for Nginx on FreeBSD only. Is this already enabled in all FreeBSD systems or we need to recompile kernel to obtain sendfile(2) feature ? The more read is here ...
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    Favourite docs, videos, audio (media) relating to IT/technology

    No copyright violations! When in doubt link to Wikipedia / some descriptive source instead of a file In no particular order: -) [doc] Program design in the UNIX environment, Rob Pike, Brian W. Kernighan -) [video] BSD Now Episode 103...