1. Cath O'Deray

    Solved OpenZFS: peculiarity with a labelled cache device and an unexpected label

    At some point in time, my pool named Transcend began using a device reference instead of the previously specified label – gpt/cache-transcend – for its one cache device. Question Now, is there any way for the pool to begin using the label without loss of content of L2ARC? I assume that either...
  2. chiefsucker

    Solved Encrypted & Mirrored ZFS vdevs Stopped Booting After Resilvering

    I had a setup with 4x4 TB disks, with two mirrors consisting of two disks each, giving me about 8 TB of usable storage space. One mirror consists of ada0 & ada2, the other mirror of ada1 & ada3. I needed to upgrade storage space, so I decided to upgrade one mirror by resilvering two times. I...
  3. S

    Solved When does it make more sense to use multiple vdevs in a ZFS pool?

    I know for one thing that if the primary concern were protection against disk failures, raidz3 would be the way to go. In such a scenario, If I had 7 disks, I would create a pool like this: pool: tank state: ONLINE scan: none requested config: NAME STATE READ WRITE...
  4. K

    ZFS ZFS basic questions

    Hi Everyone, I've started to use ZFS instead of the venerable UFS and would like to clarify some points about vdevs and zpools. My understanding is that the primary purpose of vdevs is to allow the combination of several disks to be used as a single virtual disk, and the primary purpose of...

    ZFS Location of data In VDEVs and when to add ARC/ZIL?

    I'm setting up a desktop with a mirror of two 480GB SSDs for my root and home directories on FreeBSD and Linux, as well as have a mirror of two 2TB HDDs in another vdev. I was hoping to get the speed of the SSDs for my system but still have the ability to have some extra storage on the hard...