1. L

    vbox Virtualbox does not nat on openbsd guest

    Hello, I have installed OpenBSD as vm. It works perfectly. I have some problem with the virtual nic. It only works in bridge bode. I'd like to use use it in nat mode and internal network (I mean a second nic). I set the nic with NAT I boot openbsd it seems does not work. I mean none packets goes...
  2. jsika

    vbox ERROR: VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX).

    After I updated and rebuilded ports tree, I cannot start VirtualBox guests anymore. I was using successfully 2 years old installation and earlier ones too. After I upgraded FreeBSD from 12.0 (I think) to 12.3-RELEASE-p5 r372105 GENERIC amd64, everything still worked OK, it just happened after...
  3. H

    vbox VBox 6.1.34, FreeBSD 12.3, and Windows 11

    I originally posted my issue with FreeBSD 12.2 and VBOX+Windows 11, and was told that 12.2 is no longer supported. I moved my .vhds to my linux machine, ran VBox there and booted just fine - and updated to FreeBSD 12.3-RELEASE. Migrated the .vhds back to Windows11 and booted. I claimed it was...