1. S

    mlock support not being picked up by jailed application

    Hey All, I have been facing a problem while trying to run Hashicorp's Vault service and I was hoping for some guidance. I've created a jail and have installed Vault (v1.8.7) into it via pkg -j vault-jail install vault. The vault installation seems to be working fine, however when I try to...
  2. shadow_pudge_killer_2001

    PAM configuration for HashiCorp vault-ssh-helper

    I need to use one-time passwords to login on my FreeBSD machine and password verification success: Aug 12 15:29:03 host sshd[5466]: in openpam_dispatch(): /usr/lib/ pam_sm_authenticate(): Success Aug 12 15:29:03 host sshd[5464]: Accepted keyboard-interactive/pam for user from...