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    Changing power line frequency for webcam

    I've been using webcams with FreeBSD, but since I live in a country that has 50 Hz power frequency, there is always flicker from the lights as the camera by default uses 60 Hz. I know you can change the frequency in other operating systems, so I investigated, and it seems the v4l way is to use...
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    Webcamd does not work

    Hi. I'm facing a problem regarding the operation of my webcam on FreeBSD 12.0-Release-p6. I have a Dell Inspiron running AMD E2 (64 bit) on 4 GB RAM. I've installed webcamd, v4l_compat, libv4l and pwcview. My /boot/loader.conf has the entry cuse_load="YES" and /etc/rc.conf has the entry...