1. lfm

    opencv python error on cv2.VideoCapture()

    Dear all I'm facing an error when trying to create a VideoCapture object (in this code, associated to device "0" -> /dev/video0) I am running FreeBSD 14. The issue can be reproduced on the current freebsd opencv package (4.6.0), the port and the latest opencv 4.9.0 compiled from sources. I...
  2. Jake0162

    Solved Rock64, problems with usb webcam setup

    System: Rock64 1GB, FreeBSD 13.0 Release What I'm trying to do: Use ffmpeg to pull a single image from a usb webcam and write it too a directory. Software: libv4l-1.23.0 v4l-utils-1.23.0 v4l_compat-1.23.0 ffmpeg-4.4.2 webcamd- The Issue: I can use the same USB camera from my other...
  3. C

    webcamd and browsers

    I've got a webcam working via webcamd and chromium. Today, I tried "piping" video through a virtual camera in OBS and almost got there but got stuck chrome not detecting the virtual camera. Basically, I get a /dev/video5 device, vlc successfully connects and displays the stream. I figured, this...
  4. T

    Changing power line frequency for webcam

    I've been using webcams with FreeBSD, but since I live in a country that has 50 Hz power frequency, there is always flicker from the lights as the camera by default uses 60 Hz. I know you can change the frequency in other operating systems, so I investigated, and it seems the v4l way is to use...