1. T

    Has anyone actually set up nginx+uswgi+flask+sqlite in freebsd?

    Has anyone actually set up nginx+uswgi+flask+sqlite in freebsd? I asked someone to write some code using flask+python+sqlite. I installed freebsd13.2
  2. tuxador

    jails DJANGO + postgres + NGINX in a jail Best practices

    Hi, i am setting up for local deployment a django app in a desktop running FreeBSD12.2. Django is installed within a jail using ezjail. I have a couple of questions for the simplest and safest way to put it in production in a local network. 1- Is it simpler to run postgresql in the host and...
  3. sagaracharya

    uwsgi cannot open "./router_redirect_plugin.so"

    Read here This seems to be a port or package problem of uwsgi to me. Kindly read the above thread. Will mark both closed once they're done.
  4. sagaracharya

    uwsgi cannot open "./router_redirect_plugin.so"

    Earlier I installed FreeBSD 13-CURRENT, installed uwsgi through ports cd /usr/ports/www/uwsgi make install clean It did work well and I was able to access a plugin named router_redirect . When I'm installing the same in 12.1-STABLE on my RPi3, I'm unable to access the plugin It prints ...
  5. Farhan Khan

    Solved Start uwsgi at system boot

    I am trying to build a VM "appliance" that will be running uwsgi/Django. This uses a python virtualenv, so uwsgi only starts when within that virtualenv. When I try to run it outside of a virtualenv, I get this error: $ uwsgi config.ini [uWSGI] getting INI configuration from config.ini ***...