1. priyadarshan

    Feasibility of using UID > 65535

    Hello, I need to port a legacy application from Solaris to FreeBSD, heavily dependant on large UIDs. In Solaris, UID can be up to 2147483647. In regards to User ID, the Handbook states: How likely is the cited "compatibility issues with some software" aspect? Can somebody offer some...
  2. GregTheHun

    Solved Newer packages not able to be installed

    Hello all, Just looking through and trying to install a newer package I saw in the ports section of the site and I noticed this: What it appears to be is after doing this: pkg clean -a pkg update -f I cannot seem to install the newest version of elasticsearch and it does not want to update...
  3. spag

    Solved Jails update 11.2 userland vs kernel version

    I did OS upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2 . All went fine... almost as jails are showing wrong userland version now and I cannot upgrade software root@labs02:~ # uname -UK 1102000 1101001 when I try to reinstall software I am getting error: root@labs02:~ # pkg upgrade Updating myrepo repository...