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  1. R

    Solved Firefox crashes entire system / kernel panic - how can that happen ?

    I hope I can post this issue for my understanding how the bsd-kernel works. I have installed FreeBSD 12.1 for non-professional use. My question is, how it can happen that starting FireFox as an unprivileged user brings down the whole system with "kernel panic" messages. See attached picture...
  2. amiramix

    Solved Access permisions to cd0 for user

    I am trying to sort out permissions to device cd0 so that sysutils/k3b-kde4 can see the device. For now when it starts it shows error: No optical drive found. When k3b is started as root is sees the device properly. I have all the permissions set up and I can mount cd0 as the user...
  3. aragats

    GPIO Interrupts handling (ARM)

    How to handle GPIO interrupts on BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi etc. from the user space? That's under TODO at: although the page was edited 1.5 years ago.