upgrade to 13.0

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    Upgrade FreeBSD from 12.4 to 13.2 with mount error 19

    Background: I am trying to upgrade FreeBSD 12.4 to FreeBSD 13.2, after i execute the follow commands, then the error 19 occurs. #freebsd-update fetch #freebsd-update install #freebsd-update -r 13.2-RELEASE upgrade #freebsd-update install #reboot mountroot: waiting for device /dev/nvd0p2...
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    Upgrading from 11.1-STABLE

    Hello, some few days ago I took over the IT administration of a small company. They have Windows 10, Debian 11 and FreeBSD (the latter on a NAS box). Obviously since a long time, the former administrator did not update / upgrade FreeBSD on the NAS box. Output of „freebsd-version -ku“ is...
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    Services whithin jails no longer accessible after upgrade to version 13.0

    After upgrading a virtual FreeBSD 12.2 system to 13.0-p3, traffic to services within jails (through Apache 2.4 reverse proxy) was blocked. This is a Hyper-V virtual server and the second one that shows the same problem (the other one being a commercial VPS, hypervisor type unknown). At first, I...