upgrade ports

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    Convert from ports to packages

    pkg upgrade will reinstall unlocked ports as packages, and then presumably those packages can be managed (updated) through pkg. However, after upgrading all but a couple of ports to packages, portmaster dies during portmaster -aR. I also get the impression that dependency ports aren't converted...
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    Upgrade FreeBSD

    A time ago, I had no idea that FreeBSD 10.3 didn't work if i installed it. At least in my case. I never knew why. Anyways, this post it's not about my problem with previous versions of this OS, but it's about how can I make a full upgrade of the entire system. I mean: when FBSD 11.2 will be...

    Look ports and packages up

    Is it possble to find out which apps were installed by ports or packages? I list installed apps using pkg info but I don't know which were installed by ports. During upgrading pkg upgrade I can upgrade application installed before by ports as well. But there is a problem with additional...