1. S

    Newbie upgrade problem (13.2-RELEASE->14.0-RELEASE) merge conflict

    Hi, I am quite fresh FreeBSD user, trying to get to know its ways. I know, that it is probably an issue of me not knowing git enough, or having any serious experience with it. But I will really appreciate help with following merge conflict during my attempt to upgrade from 13.2 to 14.0. I've...
  2. Brutanas


    Hello, I have installed FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE Can I use freebsd-update fetch ? or is just to upgrade in case of RELEASE ? Thanks.
  3. G

    uname -U differs from uname -K in jail (11.1-RELEASE)

    Recently I've upgraded my system from 11.0-RELEASE to 11.1-RELEASE. Everything is fine with the host: [root@host ~]# uname -U && uname -K 1101001 1101001 But in jails (I'm using ezjail for that) it does differ: root@munin:~ # uname -U && uname -K 1100122 1101001 I did upgrade by the book...