1. Pierre-Marie Baty

    Howto: be notified of FreeBSD upgrades, security updates and package updates at login

    Hello all FreeBSD users, At the invitation of Crivens, I repost here the little script I've come up with and which received improvements from the community (thanks SirDice, unitrunker, emmex). Context: the idea was to obtain information about FreeBSD upgrades, security updates and package...
  2. Sivan!

    src component not installed error blocking freebsd update installation.

    /usr/ports/graphics/gpu-firmware-amd-kmod$ doas make install clean ===> Building for gpu-firmware-amd-kmod-banks-20220511 make[1]: "/usr/ports/graphics/gpu-firmware-amd-kmod/work-banks/drm-kmod-firmware-20220511/Makefile" line 4: Cannot open /usr/src/sys/conf/kern.opts.mk make[1]: Fatal errors...
  3. J

    Solved Updates

    Hallo everyone, Could you please tell me how often should I update my FreeBSD? I think once a month would be good, but further, which commands are necessary by updating? Also 2nd question, how do I export firewall configfile? Thanks in advance.
  4. decuser

    New FreeBSD safe updates using ZFS BE's video

    I posted a new video in my FreeBSD video playlist about using ZFS BE's for doing safe (and unsafe) updates and changes. The videos aren't studio productions, by a long shot, but they should be instructive... Having been a newb, I'm hoping to make the videos I put up be useful for relative...
  5. C

    Mumble 1.3.0 Update

    Hello, audio/mumble and audio/murmur has Updated! Finally. I am so exited to post that here. I hope some one like it. A German buddy has updated his wiki about this Program: wiki.natenom.de Mumble 1.3.0 Have Fun!
  6. H

    Lights on motherboard turned off (including NIC)

    I build packages from ports. I use synth upgrade-system for that. The system itself is updated via cronjob `@daily root freebsd-update cron`. Sometimes I reboot / shutdown my PC. Recently I've noticed that no led indicators on the back pane of motherboard are...
  7. F

    No updates for databases/percona5(6|7)-server?

    I noticed it's quite a while ago since updates for Percona showed in the ports of FreeBSD.. I've mailed the maintainer, but I get no response. Does anybody know what's up with this?