1. julien40

    Solved User does not have permission to unmount a device mounted with udisksctl

    Hi, I use a MOUNT.sh script that uses udisksctl to mount my devices: #!/bin/sh ls /dev/da*|xargs -n1 udisksctl mount -b I can unmount my devices with udisksctl unmount without problem. But when I use the umount or pcmanfm command to unmount the device I get an error: umount: unmount of...
  2. Y

    Other NTFS doesn't unmount cleanly on shutdown

    I have an NTFS partition that's mounted in fstab like so: /dev/nvd0p5 /windows ntfs mountprog=/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g,rw,failok,fmask=113,dmask=002 0 0 When I modify a file on the partition and reboot (with shutdown -r now say) into either Windows or FreeBSD, then...
  3. A

    Other unmount USB drive: Device not configured

    Hi all, When I accidentally move the cable, the mounted drive is disconnected for an instant. And ls gives: % ls mymountpoint ls: mymountpoint: Device not configuredSo I unplug the device, and try to unmount it: # umount -f mymountpoint umount: mymountpoint: statfs: Device not configured...