1. B

    Which OS would you recommend?

    I have a USB with 4GB. I want a "pure" system. This means that I want, a system which have the most Unix/Unix-Like pure, I don't know if you got what I mean. I want it principally for learn. Some of the commands that I used in Linux, I can also use here. I want something alike. So, what you...
  2. Dr.Topaz

    Solved What does the ~/. mean?

    What does the ~/. mean in ~/.icons?
  3. Jared Manning

    I'm interested in studying operating systems

    Specifically UNIX-like administration and (eventually) low-level development. I'm currently studying for my CCNA Routing & Switching and the like to get me in the job market. There is no way I can currently consider taking out a college loan in the US, so I'm looking for books or online...