1. codeedog

    Seeking Advice: Thin Jail + unionfs running with workarounds

    Attempting to create a thin jail on a Raspberry Pi using 13-2-REL, I had trouble with the handbook's skeleton formulation 17.5.2. Creating a Thin Jail Using NullFS. While searching for solutions, I stumbled upon Scott Robbins's method for creating thin jails using unionfs which worked but failed...
  2. Mjölnir

    Other file indexer on unionfs freezes the system

    Hi all, I'm posting this here not in Desktop Usage or such because I think this might be a bug of VFS or unionfs mount_unionfs. I did not try sysutils/fusefs-unionfs yet. unionfs is clearly documented as beeing experimental... The underlying fs is ZFS, I have mount -t unionfs -o noatime -o...
  3. D-FENS

    Solved Binaries get rewritten at jail start with unionfs

    I am working on a solution for mass jails deployment based on ZFS datasets and unionfs. A jail template is created by extracting base archive into the dataset. Then the dataset is mounted read-only in all the jails' roots and each jail has its own lean dataset, where only the deltas are stored...
  4. J

    Other Status of ZFS Overlay and/or unionfs

    Every time I need to do a "major" version upgrade to my jail hosts and their multiple jails, I swear that I will find a better way to do it for next time. One of the "obvious" ways would be to use an overlay filesystem but FreeBSD's implementation of ZFS still does not support that feature...