1. jimkoen

    Solved Modifying configuration files in scripted install

    EDIT: Well this is kind of akward, but it turned out that I could resolve this rather quickly using heredoc strings. Given I'm using Ansible to create the installerconfig file, just copying the modified sshd_config into installerconfig in full via templates actually seems to be the easiest...
  2. C

    Unattended install on FreeBSD13 with zfs/efi

    Hi, I'm trying to upgrade my set of FreeBSD12 machines to FreeBSD13. Since I use them for automatically configured jails, the host machines are basically 'reinstall to upgrade' devices on ESX. My existing installerconfig setup doesn't work: it installs but doesn't boot. I did a manual install...
  3. J

    Best way to check if freebsd-updates are available?

    Hello, I've been reading about freebsd-update cron That looks interesting. I'd be interested in receiving an email each time updates are available. However I guess this would require me to install and configure sendmail, postfix or something like that to send me e-mails over the internet...
  4. S

    why is it bad practice to automatically update the system?

    Right now I have set up my home "play box" machine (vsftpd listening on Internet, Samba listening on LAN, BitTorrent client) to apply updates in the core system and ports in an unattended manner. This means automatically. Then I grep the log and if a patch is available, I reboot the system (I...