1. rafael_grether

    Solved TOP Command & Jail

    Hi guys, Is there a way to TOP command shows username inside jail? USER_A in my host has UID 2001. USER_B in my Jail also has UID 2001. A process executed by USER_B shows to me that is executed by USER_A, when top is executed on my host. Since "top -j" brings up the JID, I think it should also...
  2. priyadarshan

    Feasibility of using UID > 65535

    Hello, I need to port a legacy application from Solaris to FreeBSD, heavily dependant on large UIDs. In Solaris, UID can be up to 2147483647. In regards to User ID, the Handbook states: How likely is the cited "compatibility issues with some software" aspect? Can somebody offer some...
  3. N

    Reuse UIDs and GIDs

    I am working on some ports that will run game servers that have custom rc daemons scripts are made to avoid the process running as root for some basic security. I read the handbook and get how to add them so that isnt a problem however I see that there is only 949 slots available (this ignores...