1. dnb


    pam_u2f - is an important library because it supports many inexpensive u2f keys available from different manufacturers. You can log in as a user or log in via ssh, for example. Luckily it works fine on FreeBSD 13.0 (pam_u2f-1.2.0, u2f-devd-1.1.10_6, libfido2-1.8.0). Here is the Makefile...
  2. Markand

    HOWTO: Using multimedia keys from uhid(4) devices

    Hello, People that have keyboard with multimedia keys such as "Play" "Volume up" and so on may encounter problems if these keys are not detected by xev. In fact there are two ways to use these keys, a lot of manufacturers usually set these keys are simple keys with a special code that you can...