ufs labels mount error

  1. hishnik

    UFS Mounting UFS partition with equal to already mounted label - fails with an error.

    Hello. I'm trying to convert my boot drive to UEFI and found one problem. Boot partition at old disk should have the same UFS label as at new one. So da0p2 has this label and mounted to some place on filesystem to make /boot point there. And da1p2 has same label and can not be mounted, even by...
  2. Sevendogs

    Solved Mount Gives Error After Labeling

    I searched for my exact issue and couldn't find it so am posting. I labeled my file systems using gpart modify -i X -l LABEL DISK. All the FreeBSD disks in my machine are GPT. This worked fine. I edited /etc/fstab accordingly and the system boots fine, except right before hitting the login...