1. TzunTzai

    cdce/ ue/ Android/ Dell XPS 15/ wireless

    I've been gone too long. Didn't even know this was a thing! cdce -- USB Communication Device Class Ethernet (CDC ECM/NCM) driver ue0: <USB Ethernet> on cdce0 ue0: Ethernet address: 3e:16:6d:30:a8:79 Android tethering via cdce. Connect to any wireless network via Android and tether to my...
  2. fail

    Solved ue0 interface disappears when unplugging Gigabit Ethernet USB-C adapter

    Problem: I have a USB-C Gigabit Ethernet adapter that I plug into my Thinkpad to get wired LAN access. If the adapter is plugged in while the system boots up ue0 device will show up in ifconfig and everything works as expected. However once the system is running if I unplug the adapter and...