1. fr33bsd

    HA DNS, Mail, Storage

    Greetings everybody, I am no freebsd expert. I have linux and freebsd experience. I would like to setup a HA mail, dns and storage server for SOHO environment. So, there will be just 2 small servers with few spin disks and ethernet nics. Regarding storage there is HAST and uCARP...
  2. Avery Freeman

    Other ctl HA vs HAST for vSphere SAN - are both necessary?

    Hi, I'm looking at setting up a storage area network for ESXi/vSphere, and I've been looking at all my options. One thing I came across recently while looking at HAST was that ctl itself has its own HA functionality. From ctl: +o Support for multiple ports, initiators, targets and...
  3. C


    Hello Everyone: I am trying to use HAST with UCARP to archive storage/service level HA. If I stop UCARP service or shutdown any node,the primary/MASTER and secondary/BACKUP could switch over correctly. However,if I disconnect the Ethernet,the kernel detect link down,but the UCARP MASTER...