1. stephen.wall

    UART on an SPI bus?

    I have a system running FreeBSD (currently at 12.3, 13.1 upgrade under development) that has a SPI bus, which is working with the FreeBSD spibus driver, to which is connected an ns8250-compatible DUART. There are, in fact, 6 DUARTs on the bus, with chip selects operated by gpio pins. We have...
  2. F

    Serial console on a motherboard with no serial ports

    Hello, I have a motherboard without serial ports and I wonder whether it is possible to get a serial console (server side) on it with a PCIe RS232 card or a USB-to-RS232 adapter. So far I had no luck. I can get a console that works once the system finished booting (once getty process start as...
  3. bobmc

    HOWTO: Test RS232 and RS485 adapters

    Once upon a time, PCs needed RS232 serial ports for modems, printers, and terminals. These use-cases are mostly obsolete but now they can be used for factory PLCs, IoT devices, and asset management. RS485 can operate sensor hundreds of feet from the host (master) computer. Many PCs omit...
  4. aragats

    Solved How to pass a real serial port to bhyve guest?

    Using -l com1,/dev/cuau0 parameter with bhyve doesn't seem to work. I'm testing this with MS Windows 10 + PuTTY and getting garbage. Thanks for directions!
  5. aragats

    Solved Default serial console to login?

    How to change the default serial console? I couldn't find any reference. In my case (BeagleBone Black) the boot messages and login prompt go to /dev/ttyu0. With the peripherals I use that port is not accessible, and I'd like to use /dev/ttyu1 instead. I don't care much about boot messages, but I...