1. F

    TUTORIAL: Install burpsuite on FreeBSD using Linuxulator.

    Hello everyone, i've been setting up a pentest workstation on FreeBSD,i have had a lot of struggle on making Burp Suite work, so i'm writing this tutorial to spare you all such pain. This tutorial has been tested on FreeBSD 13.0 Release and Burpsuite v2022.1.1. But it likely works on other...
  2. F

    Is it good idea to make FreeBSD videos on YouTube

    I just opened a YouTube channel and started to making videos about Linux. Well I only got 2-4 views for videos haha. So my question is can FreeBSD community watches and makes comments to videos? Like I watched some videos that people were seting up zfs, partitions, desktop envoirements etc. so...
  3. decuser

    New FreeBSD safe updates using ZFS BE's video

    I posted a new video in my FreeBSD video playlist about using ZFS BE's for doing safe (and unsafe) updates and changes. The videos aren't studio productions, by a long shot, but they should be instructive... Having been a newb, I'm hoping to make the videos I put up be useful for relative...
  4. Reptile

    Noob tutorials

    This is meant to help the absolute beginner to UNIX-like operating systems get started with FreeBSD. Apart from reading the first chapters of the handbook I can also recommend reading this, or any other introductory material to UNIX, before starting with these. Colorized output from ls by...