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    pf in a Jail

    I have a vnet jail for my physical NIC. In order to start the pf service in that jail, I had to add a devfs.rule to unhide /dev/pf. I also have wireguard jails which I intend to do the same, and connect them to my NIC-jail. (everything is vnet). Does anyone know if this is a bad idea? Will...
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    Series of Jails as Gateways/Tunnels ... Question re IP/netmasks

    I'm creating a series of network gateway/tunnels with vnet and jails (FreeBSD 12.1p8). The topology looks something like this: NICjail: Contains the physical NIC (igb0), bridge0, and epair members for connection to other tunnel jails (VPNs, Tor, I2P). VPN1jail: Connects to NICjail via epair...