1. RevennaFox

    Advice for Creating a "Command and Control" Server?

    I have a problem that I think FreeBSD can solve for me. I have routers at various off-site locations that I need to be able to log into via SSH for monitoring, configuration, and maintenance. The problem is that none of the routers have static IP addresses, some of them are behind carrier NAT...
  2. m_pahlevanzadeh

    tunneling and android client

    I have a FreeBSD full access. I need to turn Iran Internet Filtering.My server is out of Iran. So I can turn my Internet Filtering. I installed Zebedee in my server and it good work with Linux Desktop,Both have 2.5.3 version, But Android doens't has for this version. I'm looking for a tunneling...
  3. thomas_l

    Open vSwitch for SDN via GRE/IPSEC tunnel

    Hey FreeBSD people, I'm a long term Linux user who would like to include one or more FreeBSD server into his server infrastructure. Last week I set up a virtual management network via Open vSwitch on my Linux machines. This network connects Linux containers over multiple hosts. The network...