1. F

    GRE/IPIP tunnel for remote AntiDDoS

    Hi guys! I've found two competitors on the market, one with very affordable hardware and another one with expensive products but strong protected against DoS/DDoS attacks. I would like to mix them, getting a powerful dedicated server from 1st and a slow VPS but with AntiDDoS included to use it's...
  2. T

    Tunneling IPv6 over IPv6

    In IPv4 land I can do something like this: ifconfig tun0 create ifconfig tun0 a.b.c.d e.f.g.h ifconfig tun0 alias i.j.k.l e.f.g.h ifconfig tun0 up However in IPv6 land I get stuck: ifconfig tun0 inet6 A:B:C:D::E F:G:H::I prefixlen /128 ifconfig tun0 inet6 alias J:K:L::M F:G:H::I prefixlen...
  3. ericx

    tunnel over high latency link

    We're trying to establish and maintain some sort of tunnel from a ship at sea over a high latency satellite link. Several satellite links are in use simultaneously. Bandwidth and latency vary considerably depending on the vendor in use and the position of the ship (this is an R/V; so the ship is...
  4. ericx

    Simulating satellite uplink

    I'm attempting to configure a multi-wan device to improve ship-to-shore data links via satellites. I would like to build a simulation environment so I can work on this before the ship finishes installing her dishes. The satellite links are slow (56 kbps - 100 kbps) and some have round-trip...