1. iyoti

    ZFS Help with tuning ZFS settings for large media files?

    Hey, I'm looking for help to make good use of the hardware I have on my media server, which stores lots of large files: primarily 4k video, but also lots of VM backup and OS images. This is a read-heavy system, so read throughput to the network is my main goal. Any hints you can give me on...
  2. goshanecr

    ZFS Increase maximum 127 of ACL entries

    Hi Friends! I'm built a ZFS+Samba+ACL+AD scheme for using at work. All works, but I'm found that maximum ACL entries on FS item are 127. Since my scheme uses final AD-users, not groups - I see that this limit can be theoretically a problem for me. So can this maximum be extended? And if not...
  3. freezr

    ZFS SSD Tuning for a Desktop Use

    Dear All, looking for some info to tuning and extend the life of my SSD disks I couldn't find any valuable information. The documentation reports: None of these make sense for me. My knowledge of FreeBSD is still very limited and my knowledge of ZFS is even narrower. On Linux I can...
  4. grahamperrin

    tuning(7) – FreeBSD performance tuning manual

    <https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=tuning&sektion=7&manpath=FreeBSD> Before I open a bug for a part of the page that's wrong: does anyone else have corrections, or suggestions for improvement? Thanks
  5. nbari

    how to speed/improve memcpy

    I am running a Redis (version 6.2.5) cluster "sentinel" of 3 nodes (1 master, 2 replicas), OS FreeBSD 13, the dataset is approximately 70GB, the system has 320GB RAM, SSD disks, and the servers (dedicated, not VM's) are in the same network/datacenter, probably hardware is not a problem, but I...
  6. goshanecr

    How to change power consumption of AMD \ NVidia cards?

    Good day Friends! There is a often situation when PC which acts as server has a minimal video card (NVidia GT710, etc). And all what needs from VCard are - initial setup screens. But when server works that cards are hot, and also I see it stops working. So my question: Is it a way to down...
  7. I

    bhyve Giving less than 8 GB of RAM to bhyve FreeBSD guests

    I'm experimenting bhyve with virtualized FreeBSD guests. Host system: FreeBSD 13 with 8 GB or RAM on Intel chip. On installation, there is a message that says ZFS tuning is necessary for using FreeBSD with less than 8 GB of RAM. I tried giving 1 GB to bhyve FreeBSD guests and they seem to be...
  8. F

    Single Thread Rating vs Multi Thread Rating

    Hello, guys! I'm totally noob about topic title, and I have one situation to get understood and solved. My hardware configuration: 2x E5-2450L 1.80 Ghz (2.30 Boosted) 96 GB RAM DDR3 ECC Samsung 860 EVO SSD My processes: Problem: There are between processes also auto-responders and they're...
  9. jakobbg

    ZFS 48TB ZFS, 64GB RAM, Ryzen 3900X for Plex 4k: What can be tuned/optimized?

    Hi all! I've got a new server which is going to work as a file server, web server and transcoding 4k content-oriented Plex server, all running on 4x 16TB Seagate X16 drives in RAID-Z. I'm just wondering about tuning. Swap, ZFS, stuff like that. What can be wise to change from defaults? Running...
  10. KDragon75

    ZFS FreeBSD ZFS L2ARC header size calculation

    I have been searching for some time and cannot find any official documentation on how to calculate the memory consumption for the L2ARC headers. I did find one person claiming that each header consumed 70 bytes and that each ZFS record required a header. C