1. nbari

    how to speed/improve memcpy

    I am running a Redis (version 6.2.5) cluster "sentinel" of 3 nodes (1 master, 2 replicas), OS FreeBSD 13, the dataset is approximately 70GB, the system has 320GB RAM, SSD disks, and the servers (dedicated, not VM's) are in the same network/datacenter, probably hardware is not a problem, but I...
  2. goshanecr

    How to change power consumption of AMD \ NVidia cards?

    Good day Friends! There is a often situation when PC which acts as server has a minimal video card (NVidia GT710, etc). And all what needs from VCard are - initial setup screens. But when server works that cards are hot, and also I see it stops working. So my question: Is it a way to down...
  3. I

    bhyve Giving less than 8 GB of RAM to bhyve FreeBSD guests

    I'm experimenting bhyve with virtualized FreeBSD guests. Host system: FreeBSD 13 with 8 GB or RAM on Intel chip. On installation, there is a message that says ZFS tuning is necessary for using FreeBSD with less than 8 GB of RAM. I tried giving 1 GB to bhyve FreeBSD guests and they seem to be...
  4. F

    Single Thread Rating vs Multi Thread Rating

    Hello, guys! I'm totally noob about topic title, and I have one situation to get understood and solved. My hardware configuration: 2x E5-2450L 1.80 Ghz (2.30 Boosted) 96 GB RAM DDR3 ECC Samsung 860 EVO SSD My processes: Problem: There are between processes also auto-responders and they're...
  5. jakobbg

    ZFS 48TB ZFS, 64GB RAM, Ryzen 3900X for Plex 4k: What can be tuned/optimized?

    Hi all! I've got a new server which is going to work as a file server, web server and transcoding 4k content-oriented Plex server, all running on 4x 16TB Seagate X16 drives in RAID-Z. I'm just wondering about tuning. Swap, ZFS, stuff like that. What can be wise to change from defaults? Running...
  6. KDragon75

    ZFS FreeBSD ZFS L2ARC header size calculation

    I have been searching for some time and cannot find any official documentation on how to calculate the memory consumption for the L2ARC headers. I did find one person claiming that each header consumed 70 bytes and that each ZFS record required a header. C