1. thecodechemist

    Wireguard in iocage jail: Failed to create TUN device: open /dev/tun: no such file or directory

    Hi, I'm having issues with running wireguard in an iocage jail on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p10. The weird thing is, I also had issues with this on my TrueNAS Core system (12.2-RELEASE-p15), but after enabling the allow_tun option for the jail it now runs just fine there. Here's some config data...
  2. willbprog127

    Solved Need help migrating Linux routing commands to FreeBSD

    Greetings! On Linux, I am using a SSH tunnel between my machine and a remote machine. This is an actual tunnel, using the 'tun5' device / interface, not just port-forwarding. This allows me to contact any machine on the remote machine's network, SSH in, VNC in or whatever I need. For routing...
  3. D

    jails Jail cannot access /dev/tun

    Hello, I am trying to install a wireguard VPN in a jail but am having some trouble with the jail playing with TUN devices. When I try to create the wireguard interface I get the following error: root@vpn2:~ # wireguard-go wg0 INFO: (wg0) 2020/10/20 17:10:56 Starting wireguard-go version...
  4. LSD

    openvpn tun/tap dev problem

    I am trying to connect to a VPN using OpenVPN on FreeBSD on a Raspberry pi. I run the command: $ openvpn vpn_server.ovpn It prompts for the username and password, looks like it is connecting but then gives an error (even if I try another vnp_server.ovpn file, that I know is working since I am...
  5. T

    Tunneling IPv6 over IPv6

    In IPv4 land I can do something like this: ifconfig tun0 create ifconfig tun0 a.b.c.d e.f.g.h ifconfig tun0 alias i.j.k.l e.f.g.h ifconfig tun0 up However in IPv6 land I get stuck: ifconfig tun0 inet6 A:B:C:D::E F:G:H::I prefixlen /128 ifconfig tun0 inet6 alias J:K:L::M F:G:H::I prefixlen...
  6. W

    /dev/tun jail cloning: tunX always increased

    Hello, I can't find answer to the /dev/tun usage - situation: - In the host I don't use /dev/tun - In the jail I have (the only one I consider relevant) cloned_interfaces="tun" - When I restart the jail the /dev/tunX gets increased, like X++ - It doesn't help even to clean up manually like...