1. quamenzullo

    /var/run/ntpd.leap-seconds.list may be truncated

    I've noticed this message in the daily reports: It comes from a service ntpd onefetch. The file does not seem truncated, and is not yet expired (it says "File expires on: 28 June 2022"). I already ran freebsd-update fetch (everything is up to date). Is there anything to do, or to worry about?
  2. blodan

    HOWTO: Stop nginx + php-fpm from truncating your stack trace/error message

    This one took me quite a while to figure out so hopefully someone will have use of this post. As you are here, you have probably already figured out that your stack traces/error messages are being truncated at 1024 characters/bytes and that the nginx recompile solution out there does not help...