1. laundryboy

    Automating Transmission(Torrent) to use VPN while everything else uses standard connection.

    I've wanted to write up a tutorial on how to script the set up for getting Transmission to use a VPN connection, including inbound connections but havent had much time until now. I've read many articles using jails(I dont use jails), other distros and all of that helped me get it working on my...
  2. Vovas

    Transmission. Slow upload speed.

    Hi all! The problem is slow upload speed with transmission. Neither FreeBSD, no soft does not cut the speed. # uname -srm FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p7 amd64 Transmission version % transmission-daemon -V transmission-daemon 2.94 (0) Transmission config root@beast:/usr/local/etc/transmission # cat...