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    What is it with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) preventing resume from suspend-to-RAM?

    Interestingly I have been struck by the same issue that is always only referenced for ThinkPad users, although I don't have a ThinkPad but a Clevo N130WU (which is quite a common laptop known around the world under different brands). I could only get resume from suspend-to-RAM working by first...
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    TPM driver not working

    The TPM2.0 chip is plugged on the mainboard, and it can be probed by the tpm_tis driver of FreeBSD 12. The /dev/tpm0 is also created by the driver. The allocated IO memory range is 0xfed40000-0xfed44fff (tpmtis0), which I think is got from ACPI. But when I run any TPM tool commands (such as...