1. H

    Solved Tor not starting

    Hi, I just recently started using FreeBSD after coming from linux. I'm trying to run my traffic through tor, using the instructions in this post. After installing tor using pkg ins tor I made the following changes: To /etc/rc.conf: tor_enable="YES" To /etc/sysctl.conf: # prevent traffic...
  2. Israel

    Tor is unable to reach .onion sites

    Title says it all. I set up tor and shows I have it configured correctly when surfing there. I also use inside /etc/resolv.conf for tor's DNS. Yet I still can't visit any .onion sites. Below are the lines that are not commented out in my torrc file: $...
  3. L

    PF Getting tor/torsocks working through pf

    I use pf and have it configured to block all traffic then only allow traffic out for certain tcp and udp services. I installed tor and torsocks and want to use torsocks for certain applications. I know it works correctly if i change my pf ruleset to allow all traffic and reload pf but I can't...
  4. F1R3-R4H

    Porting a program

    A long time ago, I found some kind of fusion between Opera and Tor. It was called OperaTor, I wonder that no one here has heard nor read about it, since it was only for the system of Micr0s0ft Microsoft. Well, the thing is that I really liked that program: it was slow (of course, it's based on...
  5. manas

    torsocks 2.3.0 on FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE

    Version 2.3.0 seems to have a problem running things like 'pkg audit -Fr' while 2.2.0_1 runs fine: 2.3.0 root@localhost # torsocks pkg audit -Fr 1543649864 WARNING torsocks[53454]: [syscall] Unsupported syscall number 20. Denying the call (in tsocks_syscall() at syscall.c:568) 1543649864...
  6. A

    Tor can't bind with 9050 port

    Hi, When i run tor command i'll see this error: And this is my torrc file: What should i do? Thanks.
  7. M

    Problems with installing tor

    Hello everyone, I'm a noobie to BSD systems and got some problems with installing tor and virtualbox-ose from ports. My system is 11.1-RELEASE. cd /usr/ports/security/tor (or simular with virtualbox) make install clean ... configure: error: perl 5.8 required ===> Script "configure" failed...
  8. A

    obfsproxy doesn't work

    Hello there, I've FreeBSD installed on my laptop with latest updates : FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p9 FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p9 #0: Tue Apr 11 08:48:40 UTC 2017 amd64 I'm using Tor+obfsproxy for surfacing web, but...
  9. Dr.Topaz

    How to install tor browser in FreeBSD?

    How can I install tor browser in FreeBSD, I already installed tor.
  10. Norbert Szczybelski

    Asterisk VoIP Server over OpenVPN in Tor Hidden Service.

    Good Evening. Generate encryption keys with OpenSSL. OpenVPN server openvpn.conf configuration file: mode server tls-server dev tun proto tcp-server port 1194 server ca /vpn/ca.crt cert /vpn/server.crt key /vpn/server.key dh /vpn/dh2048.pem tls-crypt /vpn/ta.key cipher...
  11. andrian

    How tor socks server as http proxy (transparent)

    Hi, I happy here on the site I have been here for 16 days, I am very satisfied. I have many questions about FreeBSD. I am sure that I decide to make new friends here! And so, I have working TOR socks server at FreeBSD gateway for private network and he is TOR client in relation to the Internet...