1. C

    top first execution inaccurate CPU usage

    I am putting together a cron job script that will pull top information and format it into a log that I can pull into Excel for readability (one row per execution - run every 10 minutes outputting to a log file). I am using the command top -nPd 1 to generate the lines needed to get CPU usage per...
  2. scotia

    Interpreting from top: [intr{irq18: bge0 arcmsr*}]

    Hi all, does the following process name from top: [intr{irq18: bge0 arcmsr*}] mean that bge0 and arcmsr* share irq18? If so, is that bad for a NIC and an HBA to share an IRQ? Or am I thinking of the day when I had to set a jumper on a card before I put it in my PC/XT? Specifically the...
  3. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved Keep an application window always on top

    Hi, I wrote a little RubyTk application to keep track of different times in world timezones I need to be aware of. Picture attached. I have a problem, the application should stay always above all other windows in all desktops. It does so for a while, but after many hours of work it happens...
  4. T

    top -m io missing documentation?

    Hello, can it be that top -m io is missing documentation? I can' find out what the values VCSW IVCSW READ WRITE FAULT TOTAL PERCENT actually mean. I can imagine the meaning of Read, Write, Total and Percent looking at them, but while in the CPU mode things seem documented, I don't see...
  5. attilagyorffy

    top(1): "Command not understood"

    Hi everyone, Anyone had the issue with top not being able to write the current configuration to the topic file? According to manual (, this should be supported no problem but I'm getting a "Command not understood"...