1. B

    Solved Tmux configuration

    I have been looking at sysutils/tmux but am unable to figure out if I can start it initially with three windows with an autostart program in each. Can anyone advise?
  2. Cath O'Deray

    Solved textproc/mantra and tmux

    textproc/mantra installed. (Thanks to vermaden for the hint; <>.) % man mantra No manual entry for mantra % mantra ERROR: TMUX environment variable is empty, aborting; mantra works correctly only when executed from within a...
  3. ShelLuser

    Anyone else noticing tmux getting worse?

    Ey guys, I've been using sysutil/tmux a long time already but right now I'm seriously considering to move back to Screen because I've just about had it with all the weird stuff that surrounds it. I'm wasting way too much time over this. It started a few versions back when I began noticing that...
  4. Mirko Cetkovic

    sysctl and KERN_PROC_CWD

    Hello, I need to obtain Current Working Directory for terminal. Specifically tmux needs that in order to get pane_current_path command. Current code in tmux uses sysctl with parameters : KERN_PROC and KERN_PROC_CWD. However, if you invoke this as non root user sysctl returns EPERM error for...
  5. Greg Fitzgerald

    Solved Tmux not displaying utf-8 symbols?

    I'm new to FreeBSD I have the same version of tmux installed that I had installed in debian and arch linux. Same configs, but things look a lot different in FreeBSD. This is what my prompt looks like without tmux running When I open tmux, with my existing config or...
  6. serpent7776

    Weird tmux behaviour when inserting text

    I'm currently using x11/xterm+sysutils/tmux but I have exact same issues as described here: In short: inserting text in the middle of commandline looks like overwrite instead of insert. I already found that I had this in my ~/.chsrc: setenv...